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Sally Ward

Oakland County Fraud Research

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                    This is true story about the government abusing their power of office 
                           and violating my family and my civil and human rights.

What you will find in this website is my explanation on what happened,, giving out some advice and showing you my proof. Here are the facts on what occurred when we bought a house. In the summer of 1995 my husband and I moved to Brandon Township Michigan, since 1997 I have been researching this property and the properties in my area and it is really disturbing on how much fraud I found. My Deed and Mortgage records had a lease recorded  stamp on it,, the recorded was done in the Register of Deeds in Oakland County Michigan,, this was a illegal Deed, the very first 6 acres Deed to the property on October 22,1973, it had the width of North 200 ft but when it came to the length it said nothing, this Deed should have never been processed. When my family and I move in we had no idea that the house was built on a Oakland County drainage system and that automotive waste was also dumped here and that we would have to worry about carcinogens in our drinking water, I have to say that I'm really glad that I took the time to research this property and tape my public officials, it's because I knew that one day those taped conversation and records would help me in Federal court. Because of the magnitude of records that are not recorded in the Register of Deeds in the State of Michigan and taxes mission information so it doesn't get processed, I decided to put my story and proof on this website, sent I did this no one has threaten to take me to court.

                                                                         Macomb County
In 2006 thought 2008, my husband and I moved to a second home in the Village of New Haven at 27 mile road and Gratiot Ave. At the time I thought that things would be different because I was told that the area had city water, but I was wrong again. The river called Salt River flows between a mobile home park and a neighbor hood, has hazardous waste in it. The waste came from a dump right down the road from the mobile park called Waste Management.

While living here on this property my husband has had prostate cancer on June 20, 2008 and as for my self, I suffer a slip and fall in February of 2005 from the front porch step due to the flooding  problem to the property
which caused four ruptured discs to my neck in January of 2007 that caused permanent nerve damage to my neck, right hand and arm
 and a fifth ruptured discs to my neck on April 1, 2011,that caused more permanent nerve damage to my neck and my left hand and as of 2013 I'm still having problem.  

                                     I want to thank the following person's for their help with this website.
                                                                          In Loving Memory
                                                                   My brother-in-law Bruce Ward.

                                                                          In Loving Memory
                                             My good friend Bill Munro, for his advice and his website.

 On February 21, 2014, I field a Michigan Freedom of Information Act, Public Act No. MCL 15.231 et  seq. To the Charter Township of Brandon, to request a copy of a certificate of Warrente in Habitability for the residential  address known as 3755 Dartmouth road, suite 720, Oxford Michigan 48371, on section 03-36-300-031 in the Township of Brandon. I believe that I will not be hear from the Township anytime soon.